Supply List New

STUDENTS will need:

  • c3-inch binder (with three rings) or several 1 or ½ inch binders (with three rings)
  • cdividers and loose-leaf paper for binder
  • cbackpack (without wheels)
  • c8 GB flash drive
  • cColored pencils and pencil case
  • c2 pink erasers
  • c3 folders with 2 pockets (we suggest plastic folders with holes in them)
  • c3 folders with 2 pockets and 3 brads
  • cSeveral highlighters – multiple colors
  • c2 or 3 composition books
  • cEar buds for personal use
  • cGT Math 6; Algebra & Geometry: TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator
  • cGT Math 6:two spiral notebooks

     (70 pages)

  • cGrade 6 Science:one spiral notebook (120 pages)
  • cGrade 6 & 7 Students:screen cleaning cloth for DMS issued laptop devices
  • cGrade 8 Students: Graph paper (one package) 4 or 5 squares per inch

    Please do not send students to school with permanent markers.  Thank you!

     optional items:

     Teachers will have class sets available:

  • c1 set thin dry erase markers
  • cSeveral red pens
  • cPost it notes (small/medium sized)
  • c1 large glue stick
  • c1 pair of scissors
  • creinforcements
  • cProtractor
  • cCompass (Staedtler compass preferred for 8th grade)
  • cMath 6 & Pre-Algebra 7: four function calculators with percent and square root
  • c7th graders:ruler; preferably wood ruler with units of centimeters and inches
  • cMath 8 Students:Scientific Calculator
  • cGeometry Students:spiral notebook with 120 pages or a 3 subject spiral notebook

    Donations gratefully accepted in homeroom: 

  • cbox of tissues
  • cbottle of hand sanitizer/Clorox wipes
  • c1 package of new AA/AAA batteries


  • cPhysical Education Class:DMS shorts & shirt uniform ($ 16.00) and Instrumental)
  • cOther items may apply during school year…
  • cField trips may vary
  • cNJHS dues will be due later in school year

from Ms. ADams, principal:

  • Backpacks are recommended for use to and from school however backpacks on wheels are not (safety issue in hall).
  • Students access their lockers during all class changes. DMS combination lockers must be used as we have master keys.
  • Students will need tennis shoes & socks for Physical Education class every other day.
  • Individual teachers there may be other specific supplies needed.


Our DMS community gladly supports others in our Home of Owl Pride. We realize that school supplies can be expensive, and we have families willing to help with this expense. Please contact Amy Horvitz, our School Counseling Chairperson at for assistance or if you want to donate items.

We look forward to a great school year!  


~  Natalie A. Adams, Principal

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