Morning Announcements 5/12/20

WDMS Morning News Script

Mrs. Gibson:      Good Morning Dundalk Middle School, this is your announcements team bringing you your morning announcements on WDMS news. We’ll be providing announcements every Tuesday and Thursday.

Mrs. Gibson:      Today is Tuesday, May 12, 2020.  Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the DMS pledge.

Mrs. Gibson: Please be seated.

Mrs. Gibson: Let’s get a check on the weather. We can expect to see the sun for today and tomorrow. Today we should reach a high of 59 degrees, and tomorrow we should reach a high of 64 degrees.

Now for the sports report – Professional sports are trying to figure out how to resume activity. NASCAR and the PGA tour have already made some plans. The most recent to announce a plan is the Premier Lacrosse League. They were originally planned to have a full season this summer; but due to COVID-19, things must change. They’ve now announced that they will have a tournament of 20 games in 16 days for the seven teams in the league beginning July 25th. All players will be tested before participating.

Mrs. Gibson: Congratulations to Meah M., Mariana P., Asmaa S., Ms. Amy, Ms. Liz, and Ms. Campbell. They won the guess the teacher contest last week.

Ms. Rosencrans: We wish David Campos-Reyes, Kenia Pacheco Erazo, and Angie Valencia Higuita happy birthday today.

Ms. Rosencrans: Our joke for today is Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his snack? ….Because he was a shellfish I know, I know that was corny.

Ms. Rosencrans: We hope you are not getting too bored. Playing tic-tac-toe with your turtle is the most creative activity we have heard of yet.

Mrs. Gibson: (Words of Wisdom) Good morning, Dundalk Middle School. This is (name of narrator) with a few words of wisdom. Anybody notice how greedy we human beings can be? It’s interesting that greed and hunger are synonymous. In other words, they have a similar meaning. So, the question is: What are we human beings so hungry for? Lao-tzu (pronounced la OUT zu), ancient Chinese teacher, said: There is no greater disaster than greed. The Japanese say it this way: He who knows not when he has enough, is poor. So, here are some words of wisdom for those with a dangerous appetite: The fastest way to heal greed is with gratitude. When we count our blessings … when we focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have … gratitude replaces greed. With something to think about, this is (name of narrator). Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.

Mrs. Gibson: See you again on Thursday.

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